Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nifty New TripWow Slideshow Tool

Now on the Official Horn Blog webpage you can create your own travel adventure slideshow. Just look in the upper right corner for the link to TripWow and get started in seconds.

TripWow by
It’s a jaw-dropping slideshow featuring your vacation pictures.
“Slideshow” hardly does TripWow justice; it’s more like a movie!

In minutes, you can create an amazing slideshow using your own vacation pictures that you can easily share with family and friends. You provide the pictures. TripWow provides the “Wow!”

Step 1 Add your pictures,,, You can use pictures that are on your computer or the ones you've already uploaded to Facebook and other popular photo sharing sites.

Step 2 Tell us where you went... Location is what makes TripWow unique! It's easy to include the cities you visited on your trip so they can be featured in your slideshow.

Step 3 That’s it! TripWow will weave it all together, sprinkle in some stunning special effects, animate your trip on a map and make it easy for you to share it with friends and family!

Check out a travel slideshow from other TripWow travelers.
Create your own in minutes! It's FREE! TRY IT NOW...

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